My Experiences

Here are some of the things I've accomplished

Mountain Madness Hackathon

Alongside of Sarbjot Mann was the Co-Lead Organizer and CSSS for the event. Attended Bi-Weekly in-person Conferences to ensure planning stayed on track.

Found Event Committee

Starting from November of 2019, alongside of formal exec Cole Greer who formed Event Committee, I was part of the starting member and I have taken the role after his graduation

Social Event

Alongside of Event Committee and First year Representatives, I helped out First year socials and organized Ice Skating socials

By-Election Officer

I was a by-election officer in the September Election in a way to reach out to CSSS and successfully elected current ADoE and DoC

Common Room maintence

Kept common room clean and kept in touch with execs for any help needed

Mobify Coding Contest Volunteer

During the Bridging Languages Event, co-hosted by Mobify and co-organized by Sarbjot Mann and Cole Greer. I was one of the CSSS volunteers who tried to provide the best experience for the competitors.

Peer Tutor

Worked with high school students with disability in aid for their school life success

E@L and Aid to Execs

Directly derived students' hardship and discuss the solution to help them.

My Platform

Some of my Proposed Changes are as follows


I would like to work with the other Execs and work towards include the following events

  • Workshops
  • Coding Contest

I will create one or two coding contest event and help students work towards the coding contest by holding workshops

More Organization and teams

Currently there are no specific teams that are in charge of event, yet, a lot of students are willing to help out with it. I will create at least one organization to form a group of passionate students to run events

Common Room

The Common Room is the main place where we'll be around, and while we're in the room we should be able to enjoy ourselves. This means

  • Making sure the Common Room is clean
  • Smell Free
  • Coke Machine is Always Stocked

Easier interacting

Currently a lot of students find getting help online or offline very diffcult. I will talk in not only in an exec team but derive our idea to professors to find the solution